We've been selected to co-develop a new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable and transparent ontological knowledge. The CREATE project will provide a Content Registry Service, a suite of smart contracts, and an API layer that integrates the user application, existing ONTOCHAIN infrastructure, and future 3rd party services.


The CREATE project aims to build a decentralized content marketplace for content creators, communicators, and marketers to reach their audiences, individual citizens and consumers in the future, next generation internet.

Decentralized content marketplace

The marketplace will be a solution that works with the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure and its future tokens, enabling content creators to exchange content for tokens from other users on a pay-per-view basis. It also lets the creators to manage their IP rights to the content.

The CREATE project will provide a Content Registry Service, a suite of smart contracts, and an API layer that integrates the user application, existing ONTOCHAIN infrastructure, and future 3rd party services. This is to facilitate content creators and content consumers to find each other and exchange content for tokens.

Monetizing content made easy

The CREATE project addresses several challenges that are at the core of ONTOCHAIN. It will enable content creators, organizations, and individuals to earn and transact more effectively and securely in an environment that is more trustworthy for content handling, transparent in data, information, and services exchange whilst improving protection of privacy.

Integrated to ONTOCHAIN framework

The CREATE project will serve ONTOCHAIN framework by creating a commercial consumer application and APIs that will utilize several existing ONTOCHAIN infrastructure, including ontologies, core Protocols, and application protocols.


ONTOCHAIN is a new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable & transparent ontological knowledge management funded by the European Commission as part of the Next Generation Internet initiative (NGI).  

ONTOCHAIN empowers internet innovators to develop Blockchain-based knowledge management solutions that address the challenge of secure and transparent knowledge management, as well as service interoperability on the Internet.

The ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem aims to demonstrate its potential in high impact domains, such as eHealth, eGovernment, eEducation, eCommerce, decentralised infrastructures and similar, in order to achieve trustworthy information exchange and trustworthy and transactional content handling.

How will it work?

ONTOCHAIN Open Call 3 was looking for interoperable and sustainable applications that employ Semantic Web and Blockchain concepts, to enhance data quality aspect, as well as the trustworthiness of data communication and handling processes. 

Web3 innovators were invited to propose applications covering real needs of end users in vital sectors of the European economy, built on top of the software services of the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem. Applicants could also submit proposals around missing blocks of the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure.

A total of 105 projects applied for the call and the evaluation process resulted in the selection of 14 proposals addressing the following topics:


  • Service Integration (Gateways APIs) for ONTOCHAIN applications
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable hosting infrastructure for the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem and services


  • Semantic Digital Logbooks for Companies, Buildings, Cars or similar
  • Decentralised Fact Checking and Data Credibility for Social Content
  • Semantic energy data management
  • Automotive, e.g., electric vehicle charging, road side management, car insurance, communication interoperability
  • Distribution Logistics / Supply Chains Using Trustworthy Semantic Data
  • Data/Digital content /Multimedia marketplace, including social media
  • Decentralised Public Services & Common Goods
  • Other applications aligned with ONTOCHAIN objectives

ONTOCHAIN will support CREATE project through a 10-month programme and provide funding support. As part of the action, experts in diverse fields will also provide technology development guidance, working methodology, as well as access to top infrastructure, coaching, visibility and community building support.

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