The Future For Bloggers Is Looking Bright

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Published August 18, 2023

The undeniable and sometimes depressing fact is that making money writing blogs is really, really hard. What makes it even more depressing is that the quality of your writing, the amount of work you put in, or what your readers think, matter far less than they should.

If you want to make a living from your blog, you basically have three options: advertising, selling subscriptions, or some other form of patronage, and affiliate sales. All require large readership before you make any meaningful money, and unless you have an audience of millions and can strike your own deals with sponsors, all will make you reliant on some intermediary company who sits between you and the source of the money. Not only that, anything to do with advertising or affiliate sales will also be massively volatile, so you never really know how much you will make from one month to the other.

This does not mean you shouldn’t join an advertising program — or an affiliate sales program in case you do a lot of product reviews — for your blog site. After all, they all have very low overhead to you, so even if the income from ads is relatively low, it is also relatively low effort for you. But to rely on it for a living means that you need a very large audience in — ideally and oxymoronically — a very niche area.

Just to enforce the point with an example; let’s assume that you want to make the median salary in the US, which is around $4,200 per month. Assuming you are in the right niche and achieve an RPM as high as $30, you would still need the best part of 150,000 pageviews per month! And the math above works if you happen to write for a US audience, the richest market in the world, in a niche area that pays better ad rates than most ever hope to achieve. If you happen to be one of the rest of the world’s 7.7 billion people, or write about less marketable topics, you will probably need an even larger audience or settle for less income.

If advertising doesn’t generate enough income, you can join some of the platforms that help you convert your readers into paying subscribers. This can be a great option as the income can be higher and much more stable from one month to the next. But you will still need a decent size audience. If you do really well and you can get 5% of your readers, or “followers”, to pay you e.g. $10 per month, you will need over 8,000 followers in total to make US median wage. And most writers are probably closer to a 1% conversion rate, meaning you will need over 40,000 followers to make the same.

So should you give up now, or settle for a life living in bedsits eating rice and Spam?

Not in a million years! In fact, there is something around the corner that will make the future for all bloggers brighter than ever. That something is the UNITT instant messenger and content discovery app.

The UNITT app is the first application in a new ecosystem, where you can earn from your content on a pay-per-view basis every time someone new opens it, without the need for credit cards or other payment services. This is because the users pay each other in tokens called UNITTs. You can set a price for your newsletter or a blog post, so your readers will be able to access your writing only after they have paid you the amount of UNITTs you have set.

You are probably wondering what you are supposed to do with these UNITTs? It’s simple, you can do whatever you want with them! You can use them to consume content created by other users, or you can send them to any external wallet and exchange them into dollars, euros, yen, Bitcoin, or whatever currency you prefer.

“But why would my readers buy these UNITTs only to read my blog?” we hear you ask. Again, the answer is simple: They do not need to buy them. They can get them from advertisers. The clever thing about the UNITT ecosystem is that the token is directionally agnostic, and you can either set a price the reader needs to pay you to access the content, or you can pay them to read your content. Isn’t this what advertising is, paying someone to get your message across?

UNITT is a unique ecosystem in that for the first time, it breaks the link between the creator and their consumers from the advertiser. Because ultimately, an advertiser is not interested in you or your blog. They are interested in the people who read your blog in the hope that they can sell their stuff to them. So, what UNITT does is it allows the advertiser to pay the consumer, their target audience, directly, and this consumer can then pay you for your content, directly.

And what this also means is that you can set the price for your blogs and newsletters at whatever you think they are worth or what you can sell them at. This can be a penny, 50 cents, or 10 dollars. As an example, if you charge 10 cents for your weekly blog, that is equivalent to an RPM of $100! “Impossible!!” you cry skeptically. However, an advertiser easily pays between $0.60 to $1.00 per click for most ads. That means you would be only asking 1/10th of the money they will be making from watching one ad.

One of the most crucial features of the UNITT app is that it is completely decentralized. Not only does it mean that you can keep your content in whatever platform or application you want, and you always remain in complete control of it, but it also means that you can continue to exploit all the other monetization options we have described above.

UNITT is built on Kadena, and it will be launched for general release soon. If you want to be one of the pioneers of a new world where the creator sits on the top seat, please stay in touch with us.